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Our Range of Unique In-House Analytics Tools

Software Solutions to Analytics Problems


ur unique suite of advanced PPC analytics technology has been designed to answer specific client’s questions and solve their unique business problems.

From analytics solutions that link offline sales to online PPC metrics, through to tracking user behaviour and tools that identify users on your website without them having to contact you, we have developed everything in-house for our clients specific needs.

Building Analytics Solutions for your Business

When we can’t find the answer to your business questions using Google Analytics, we build our own solutions to answer those critical questions.

Uncovering the need for a different set of analytics often comes from trying to improve campaign performance. This quite often comes from us, but it can also come from the client.

Bespoke Statistical Analysis Tools

Using our bespoke statistcal tests, as designed for us by Dr Paul White, we have developed a number of PPC analytics packages that use the statistical analysis as a key part of the tool to optimise our clients PPC campaigns.

Continual Development Process

As we continually take on new clients with varying needs, our analytics suite of tools is continually growing.

Finding answers to unique business questions is what Analytics is all about – we take this concept to the next level and give our clients competitive advantage by building tools to answer the most important questions for their business.