Web Atomic Technology

PPC Technology That Drives Profit

Software Solutions to PPC Problems


e build software solutions to boost our client’s PPC profit as part of our PPC management process.

The ability to create PPC software solutions for our clients that do not already exist in the market gives our clients a competitive edge. We identify the PPC problem to be solved and then create a software solution to solve the problem and boost profit.

Building Analytics Solutions for your Business

When we can’t find the answer to your business questions using Google Analytics, we build our own solutions to answer those critical questions.

From analytics solutions that link offline sales to online PPC metrics, through to tracking user behaviour and tools that identify users on your website without them having to contact you, we have developed everything in-house for our clients specific needs.

Algorithmic Bidding Tools

Although there is a lot of automated bidding software available on the market, we are able to deliver better results by using our own software. This is because we can tailor our software to meet the client’s unique business and market.

We develop algorithmic bidding tools that can determine the optimum bid price in real time and make the neccessary changes. This is only achieveable through developing a comprehensive understanding of the core metrics and how these relate to profitbaility for each client.

Linking Via API

We develop tools that make changes directly via an API. From changing bids in real time based on weather conditions to algorithmic bidding tools, automated optimisation via API can be a powerful tool for boosting PPC profit.

Unique Statistical Analysis Tools

Standard statistical tests can work well for some test analysis. However, we have worked closely with Dr White to design a series of tests specifically for PPC tests that we run. These tests take into consideration all of the variables and the unique testing environment of a PPC campaign to give the most statistically valid results possible.

All of these bespoke statistical tests have been developed into tools used in-house to make the maximum benefit from this resource.