Advanced Re-Marketing

Identifying, Targeting and Converting Your Highest Value Visitors

Maximising Your Most Engaged Visitors


emarketing is a powerful tool in the PPC marketing tool set. Bring the visitors most valuable to your business back to your website or app and get the conversion you need from them.

At Web Atomic, we are true experts in re-marketing. Creating highly relevant groups to target, combining the actual behaviour online and the typical behaviour of your customer to create highly tailored messages that are both highly relevant and compelling.

Identifying your Target Customer

Not all visitors are equal. The key to re-marketing is to identify the visitors who are highly likely to convert based on their online behaviour, including everything from specific pages visited, time since last visit and any kind of behaviour you can think of. A thorough understanding the target customer is critical to this process.

All of the different key behaviours identified are then tested to determine which online behaviour really indicates that they are your target customer. This is a constant process of testing, learning and optimising that leads to precision re-marketing to your target customer.

Targeting the Buying Funnel

Because re-marketing can be based on any kind of online behaviour, it can be possible to identify where the visitor is in the buying funnel.

Knowing where your visitors are in the buying funnel provides a wide range of opportunities for testing different messaging, promotions and offers to help bring them to the next step – whether that is purchase or simply learning more about the product or service.

As with everything at Web Atomic, the key is testing and learning what works through scientific experimentation.