Buying Ads Programatically

Precision Target Your Customers With Programmatic Media

Programmatic Media at Web Atomic


rogrammatic media is at the core of what we do at Web Atomic. Automatically displaying the most relevant advertisement to the right person at the right time can deliver significant profit if done correctly.

We use algorthims to develop target audience segments and then reach these audiences as they browse the internet. Learning which segment and messaging combination delivers the most profit and then optimising is key. Using behaviour and interest based targeting options to find these target customers is also critical to delivering profit via programmatic ad buying.


Dynamic Targeting and Real Time Bidding

The key to programmatic is understanding who your customers are and the different stages of the buying funnel. We can combine your understanding with detailed analysis of how they interact with your website and the internet in general to gain insight into each individual customer’s stage in that buying funnel.

This is where dynamic targeting comes in. Creating ads that automatically change to deliver the right message to the target customer depending on which customer segment they belong to and their stage in the buying funnel.

We drive each prospect down the sales funnel until they convert, monitoring the effectiveness of each step and adjusting bids in real time to maximise ROI.

Working Closely With Clients

Programmatic media is completely tailored to your business and at its core is your target customer. However, as with everything else we do at Web Atomic, we make sure that any programmatic media campaign fits into your business model and helps you to hit key KPIs.

The key to this is firstly gaining a deep understanding of who the target customer is. We rely on a close relationship with our clients and we have even been known to work from a clients office from time-to-time so that we can share ideas and discuss opportunities.

Statistics and Mathematical Modelling

Our statistical analysis is overseen by Dr Paul White. This means that where existing statistical tests do not exist that perfectly analyse PPC results, we design our own. By testing to statistical significance we know how much of a difference we are really making to a PPC campaign.

Through a deep analysis of our client’s business and user behaviour, we are able to develop mathematical models that represent the underlying relationships that determine profitability. From here we create algorithmic bidding tools that automatically adjust campaigns according to the mathematical model to maximise profit.