Finding Customers on Social Media

We Use Social Media Paid Advertising to Drive Profit For Our Customers.

Precision Targeting on Social Media


ocial media paid ads can be a very useful addition to any PPC campaign. Around 60% of the UK population has a social media account and it is estimated that people spend on average over 2 hours each day on social media.

The range of targeting options on social media is huge. We use the paid ads to target potential customers on everything from standard demographics such as income and age through to place of work, relationship status, likelihood to buy online, interests and many additional targeting options. Making the targeting as precise as possible is one of the ways we are able to maximise ROI from Social media advertising.

Re-marketing on Social media

Target previous visitors to your website as they use social media with re-marketing.

As with all re-marketing the key is to identify who you want to bring back to your website. Identifying those quality, high worth visitors and bringing them back can be a highly profitable strategy via social media.

Combining the highly targeted list of re-marketing user lists with the advanced targeting options of paid social media makes for a powerful combination.

Testing for ROI

As with all advertising campaigns we run, it is the results that count. Advertising on social media is not for every company. The key is to understand the target audience for each business and consider how they might respond to an advert on social media. If we think that the response is likely to work for a specific customer segment we can then test this using the advanced targeting options available.