Advanced Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics to Drive PPC performance.

Beyond Simple Conversion Tracking


hile simple conversion tracking is a very useful tool for gathering data on the effectiveness of a PPC campaign, using data from Google Analytics can help to give that extra level of insight to take results to the next level.

At Web Atomic, we are true experts in Analytics. By linking the analytics account to AdWords, Bing and other channels, we provide insight to our clients on who is using the website, how they are using the website and lots of additional information about the PPC campaign performance.

Using Analytics Data to Build Re-marketing Lists

By combining Analytics and AdWords, we create advanced re-marketing lists based on user behaviour that go far beyond a simple type of page view.

We create user profiles that match your target customer segments by testing theories in PPC campaigns. By creating a hypothesis about how different target groups behave on your website we can then test these theories in the PPC campaign using a clever combination of messaging, engagement and ROI differentials to confirm the hypothesis or otherwise.

Working Closely With Clients

Programmatic media is completely tailored to your business and at its core is your target customer. However, as with everything else we do at Web Atomic, we make sure that any programmatic media campaign fits into your business model and helps you to hit key KPIs.

The key to this is firstly gaining a deep understanding of who the target customer is. We rely on a close relationship with our clients and we have even been known to work from a clients office from time-to-time so that we can share ideas and discuss opportunities.

Analysing PPC Performance

Using anaytics data to optimise PPC campaigns can be a powerful tool when you want to dig a bit deeper into campaign performance.

Analytics data can be used to measure much more advanced metrics to determine the effectiveness of a keyword or advertisement. This is particularly useful when the buying decision is a big one and you need to be sure that advertising you are paying for is driving the right kind of prospect to the site.