Bing Certified Professionals

Expand your PPC Reach With Professionally Run Bing Ads Campaigns

The Benefits of Bing Ads


ing Ads are a good way to profitably expand your PPC reach and profit. Bing Ads are often under utilised by competitors, resulting in less competition and a better return on investment.

At Web Atomic, we test the ROI of Bing Ads for each client. The audience on Bing is unique and so is not perfect for every business. We make sure we fit Bing Ads to our clients business to deliver the maximum profit possible.

Cutting Edge Techniques

We use all of the most cutting edge techniques and tools within Bing Ads as they become available. From new ad formats, through to the latest advancements in Remarketing and ad extensions we have the full toolset at our disposal to run the most advanced Bing Ads accounts possible.

Working Closely With Clients

As with everything at Web Atomic, the key to success is understanding our clients business and making Bing Ads fit that business model. Our close relationship can extend to working from their office from time-to-time, resulting in better opportunities to share ideas and discuss strategy.

Statistics and Mathematical Modelling on Bing

All of our statistical analysis is overseen by Dr Paul White. This means that where existing statistical tests do not exist that perfectly analyse Bing Ads results, we design our own. By testing to statistical significance we know how much of a difference we are really making to a campaign on Bing.

Through a deep analysis of our client’s business and user behaviour, we are able to develop mathematical models that represent the underlying relationships that determine profitability. From here we create algorithmic bidding tools that automatically adjust campaigns according to the mathematical model to maximise profit.