Scientific PPC Management

We use our own set of unique statistical analysis, algorithms, tools and techniques to maximise PPC response.

Apply PPC Science


e achieve the best possible PPC results for our clients by applying Web Atomic’s scientific methods to their PPC campaigns.

Designed by PhD’s, engineers and PPC experts the Web Atomic approach to PPC has been proven to work – both statistically and also from the growth in PPC profit our clients see.

All of our PPC managers have at least 6 years dedicated PPC experience and work closely with a PhD statistician to deliver statistically valid PPC optimisation.

Cutting Edge Techniques

We use all of the most cutting edge techniques as they are released to the market. As a whitelisted agency with Google’s beta testing team, we often test new AdWords features even before they are released to the market.

Statistics and Mathematical Modelling

Our statistical analysis is overseen by Dr Paul White. This means that where existing statistical tests do not exist that perfectly analyse PPC results, we design our own. By testing to statistical significance we know how much of a difference we are really making to a PPC campaign.

Through a deep analysis of our client’s business and user behaviour, we are able to develop mathematical models that represent the underlying relationships that determine profitability. From here we create algorithmic bidding tools that automatically adjust campaigns according to the mathematical model to maximise profit.

Unique Tools Developed In-House

Our tools and processes are all designed in-house and are completely tailored to each client’s unique business. We develop software solutions to meet each client’s business objectives and unique PPC challenges. This can involve making changes to PPC campaigns via an API, developing algorithmic bidding tools or standalone software to solve a specific PPC business challenge.

PPC Campaigns as Unique as our Clients

This is how we make PPC fit our client’s business, rather than fitting each client into a one size fits all solution. Understanding our client’s business and working closely with them to take their PPC ROI to new levels.