Customer Satisfaction Survey Results


Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

As any client of ours knows, we are always asking for feedback on every aspect of our service and always include feedback forms with all emails and reports. We ask our clients to rate different aspects of our service out of 7 and for any additional feedback or comments they’d like to give us.

We’ve had the results in over the past few months and we’re very pleased to say that we scored 98% for our overall service and 93% for our reporting!

This is great news and we were very happy to know that our clients are happy. As part of this feedback we were also able to make some changes to reports for individual clients, which now helps them to get the most from their reports possible.

Here are some of the comments our clients included as part of the feedback process:

“As the first report I am finding this very use full, and pleasantly surprised by the interactions and sales already generated.”

“Perfect, great report – I like to see things in a table, it makes it easier to understand Thanks Guys”

“I think you guys over achieve with your level of detailed analysis you put in to each account.”

“Good monthly reporting and tangible results”

“You seem to have a genuine interest in our business, and understand its unique complexities. On top of this it’s very easy to communicate with you.”

and finally…

“Nothing specific to say exactly. I like the report and the work your doing. I cant mark number seven as don’t want you to get complacent. haha”


Wayland Coles

Wayland has been working in PPC since the launch of AdWords in the UK back in the early 2000's.As a PPC veteran he has manged PPC campaigns for everyone from the RBS group and a wide range of household brands through to SMEs.An experienced speaker, including lecturing at universities, he is available for speaking.

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