Franklins Solicitors Case Study

Results Continuing to Improve After 7 Years

The Challenge


ranklins came to Web Atomic back in 2009 to help them generate leads for their Family Law team.

They had tried AdWords with an agency and also tried managing themselves but with no concrete results.

The Result

Seven years later and we are still working with Franklins – generating quality Family Law Leads using the most advanced PPC and Landing page tactics available and with continually improving results.

The latest figures from 2015 v. 2016 continue to show this improving trend as follows:

Overall lead volume was up by 24% in 2016 compared to 2015, while at the same time cost per lead was down by 14% over the whole year. This is a direct result of the pro-active approach to managing the PPC campaigns.

How We Did It

We started by split testing different keyword types to identify the kind of keywords that generated quality leads rather than just the cheapest leads possible. This was made possible by our own in-house system of tracking lead quality.

We then continued to develop new landing pages to maximise the response rate over the seven year period.

Being ahead of the competition at every step has been key to making the campaign as profitable as possible.

What Our Client Says