Forces War Records Case Study

Driving Profit Growth Over a Three Year Period

The Challenge


orces War Records came to us when their cost per membership acquisition had risen dramatically over the past six months on their AdWords account.

After completing an audit on the account, we identified several areas for improvement and started a trial.

The Result

After solving the initial issue and reducing the cost per conversion by nearly 50%, we continued to work with Forces War Records to completely transform the PPC campaigns and significantly contribute to the rapid growth of the business and membership numbers.

The graph below shows the results we achieved over the first three years:

Over the three year period, quarterly profit increased by over 30X, significantly contributing to the company growth.

How We Did It

Over the years we have developed a number of tools and techniques specifically for Forces War Records to keep improving the profit generated.

This includes our unique Scenario bidding tool, which uses data from a range of sources to predict the profit generated at different bid prices; weather based bidding – where bids are adjusted automatically based on the weather conditions in a specific area; advanced re-marketing and of course statistical analysis of all optimisation to ensure that all optimisation has a positive impact on account performance.

We also worked on conversion rate optimisation with Forces War Records – delivering statistically significant improvements to conversion rates and directly increasing profit.

What Our Client Says