The Evolution of Web Atomic

Our Background and How We Developed Our Scientific PPC Management Service


eb Atomic is a scientific PPC agency, whose approach to managing PPC campaigns started back in 2003 – just after Google AdWords launched in the UK.

However, the fundamental principles applied back in 2003 are the same that apply at Web Atomic today:

Use the most cutting edge techniques available to gain maximum advantage over competitors
Make the PPC campaigns as measurable and accountable as possible
The PPC campaigns should be made to fit the business – not the other way around

PPC that Delivers Results

Web Atomic was founded in 2010 to ensure maximum PPC results through designing bespoke tools and techniques for each client that fit the business objectives – rather than using standard industry tools in a shotgun approach to improving performance.

Since 2010, Web Atomic has grown 100% year-on-year, managing millions in spend across a broad range of clients and constantly evolving along with user behaviour and technology.

Scientific PPC Management

Now with a unique set of tools and techniques developed over six years, bespoke statistical analysis developed by a leading statistician and software designed specifically for our clients’ needs we continue to evolve and grow with our clients success.

Web Atomic Today

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