How we apply science to your PPC Account

Scientific Approach

A scientific approach is at the core of everything we do, from bespoke statistical analysis techniques to in-house software development.

Communication and Relationship

We are more than just a PPC agency. We work closely with clients to make PPC work for them – not the other way around.

Industry Leading Technology

Our technology includes algorithm based bidding, analytics and tracking tools all tailored to our individual clients needs.

Cutting Edge Techniques

We make full use of every PPC targeting option, as they are launched as well as launching our own from time to time.

Scientific PPC Management

We use our own set of unique statistical analysis, algorithms, tools and techniques to maximise PPC response. Designed by PhD’s, engineers and PPC experts the Web Atomic approach to PPC has been proven to work – both statistically and also from the growth in PPC profit our clients see.

PPC Technology That Drives Profit

We build software solutions to boost our client’s PPC profit as part of our PPC management process.The ability to create PPC software solutions for our clients that do not already exist in the market gives our clients a competitive edge. We identify the PPC problem to be solved and then create a software solution to solve the problem and boost profit.

Advanced Mathematical Analytics

Statistical analysis is a powerful tool for proving the accuracy of any test results. It is used by a wide range of industries – from proving that a new medicine works to setting insurance premiums for different risk groups. We use bespoke Statistical tests designed by Dr Paul White, to give us statistical confidence that the test results are making a real difference to the bottom line for our clients.

Paid Social

Social media paid ads can be a very useful addition to any PPC campaign. The range of targeting options on Social media is huge, allowing for precision targeting. As with all advertising campaigns we run, it is the results that count and accurately measuring performance is critical.

Experience and Clients


Client Testimonials

“We have worked with Web Atomic now for a number of years, and in that time they have overachieved for us in every way.  We spend a huge amount on PPC advertising and Web Atomic have always been at the curve of the latest trends and ensured not only the maximum amount of traffic, but at the best price to achieve the highest ROI possible”.
Dominic Hayhoe - CEO - Clever Digit Media
I have been working with the team at Web Atomic for over a year now. An outstanding service has been provided over this time with patient explanations of the technical aspects to us non techies. From creating a series of landing pages and managing the PPC campaigns over the past 4 years for Franklins, we have seen consistently improving results over this time.
Gemma Bailey - Marketing Manager - Franklins Solicitors
We rely totally on Web Atomic to produce the enquiries upon which our business depends. If you are looking for a company to manage you Adwords Accounts then I can thoroughly recommend Web Atomic as being the company for that job.
Robin Mortimer - CEO - Gas Safe Training
“You seem to have a genuine interest in our business, and understand its unique complexities. On top of this it’s very easy to communicate with you.”
Phil Cooper - CTO - Clever Digit Media
“Always very helpful and efficient. Also forward thinking and keen to introduce new tools and make the service as streamlined as possible.”
Naomi Evans - Family Lawyer - Franklins Solicitors
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